Manomano review : testimonials from forums – Scam or Legit ?

Manomano is a market place that we have been hearing a lot about lately. On television, in specialized newspapers… you probably came across an advertisement introducing you to their service and the products they allow you to find on their site.

Often referred to and identified as the Amazon of DIY, many say good things while others complain about having had a bad shopping experience on their site: use, product prices, customer service… everyone has their reasons not to like one of the elements.

Manomano largest choice of DIY products : reviews, customer service, products, deals

In order to make it clear and present you with an objective opinion, we give you the floor to allow you to express yourself on this page (go to the bottom of this page if you wish to leave your opinion or testimony following your purchase experience on Manomano).

Manomano: description of the service before buying

ManoMano recently received €60 million in investments from US funds already supporting big names such as Uber and Airbnb. This €60 million fundraising will enable them to expand in the European market, intensify their expansion (the company is originally French) and offer ever more competitive prices for consumers.

Manomano: the DIY market place and Do It Yourself

Since the smooth launch in 2012 in France, ManoMano has grown considerably and aims to become the online reference point for renovation and garden products throughout Europe.

Home improvement for bathroom, kitchen, living room to redesign your interior

This is an ambitious objective and to achieve this objective, the Parisian company has decided to adopt a very different approach to business – combining its strategy with fundamental values and the sense of new technology in Silicon Valley.

Manomano product range for DIY, gardening and home use

Often nicknamed the Amazon of DIY, they want to follow the same model: offer a wide choice of products at unbeatable prices for French, Spanish, Italian, English and other customers… and gradually establish themselves as the reference in DIY, home, tools and garden. Manomano’s latest news is its opening on the German market, with more than 150 employees and 1.2 million products listed.

Categories on outdoor, garden, tools, decorating available on Manomano UK

Their approach is to offer consumers a “value” that is not only a matter of competitive prices but also based on quality customer service, compliance with general conditions and use. A quick review of their website during the Black Friday weekend revealed that they were competitive on price. Even if they were a few cents more expensive than Amazon this week, we recognize that this company is a French start-up which encourages the consumer to order from them rather than from Amazon. In addition, some products are not available on Amazon and only on Manomano exclusively.

Feedback and review after buying DIY products about home and garden

Manomano: advice, information and quality customer service

ManoMano focuses on making shopping easier for consumers, while providing them with valuable advice and a wide choice that, when combined, provides an excellent customer experience. Their demands for collaboration with suppliers place them in a very different position from many other retailers, with a vision that emphasizes building close relationships with their selling partners so that both parties can focus on common objectives.

Garden furniture, pool accessories, lawnmower, barbecue and other gardening tools

ManoMano’s selective market platform offers a more intuitive way of doing business by offering customers an appropriate range of carefully selected partners. As experts in DIY, gardening, home and garden tools and renovation, they provide the showcase with a vast team of experts who make decisions based on data to provide the consumer with a range of information and quality after-sales customer care.

Channels of : DIY advisors, Supermano, buying guides and community

For example, you will find the Manomano Facebook page, the Manomano brand’s aficionado DIY community and services to connect individuals and DIY professionals. Manomano wants to build around her an entire ecosystem of services dedicated to DIY enthusiasts.

Manomano United Kingdom: A start-up where it’s good to work

Although this may seem secondary for a consumer who wants (only) to order on Manomano, it is worth noting that the Glassdoor site (ranking of the best companies by its employees) has an excellent rating.

Reviews on the Glassdoor site about employment and working from the startup

In our opinion, it is important to clarify this since, as a potential customer, we prefer to buy from a company that treats its employees well. On the contrary, everyone is aware of the difficulties encountered by some Amazon employees who complain about deplorable working conditions, a complete lack of interest on the part of their superiors and maximum profitability.

Best sales about outdoor products on Manomano : garden furniture, chair, DIY

Manomano is today one of the start-ups made in France that has a strong national and international presence in Europe for the time being.

Manomano: DIY and gardening at the best price throughout UK

No need to go to the supermarket without being able to compare prices and be sure to benefit from an unbeatable price when shopping on the Internet. This is Manomano’s wish to offer the French a wide range of products, a wide choice of DIY, garden and house tools for your construction or renovation work.

SuperMano: Subcontracting your work to a DIY enthusiast

We are concerned that ManoMano will build a home improvement market selling DIY products to a public that is quickly losing interest in DIY or even worse (millennials, for example), no interest in the first place. For the past few months, Manomano has been actively communicating on its SuperMano program, a service proposal that is now dragging on in United Kingdom.

Customer service, phone, awards and secure payment on

In the United Kingdom, the situation is changing radically, with consumers deciding not to perform functional, often overly complex and sometimes tortuous DIY tasks. This fuels the growth of sales channels that serve the artisans paid to perform these tasks. That’s why Screwfix, Howdens, Toolstation, Selco and Dulux Decorator are all growing so impressively.

Product advisors for ManoMano

Let’s be honest, in the home improvement and gardening sector, customer service is not (probably unfairly) known for its excellence. This is extremely unfair to the thousands of motivated DIY store employees who help and serve happy customers across the country every day of the year. But this is an area where improvements can be made. To address this problem, ManoMano has a growing team of product advisors.

Branded products : black decker, bosch, grohe, karcher, makita, timberpro

It is often normal people like you and me who, once their knowledge of a given product has been acquired, have been verified through a series of detailed questionnaires that they are ready to use. With the commission promise on each converted sale, they connect during the agreed period and wait for customers to call. A particular example was shared with me, where three generations of women from a French family were all counsellors, helping clients with their horticultural issues.

Manomano is featured on famous medias : the telegraph, retail gazette, insightdiy

If I told you that last year, product advisors had more than 500,000 conversations and every conversation and call was recorded, classified and then recorded in their database, you can start to understand the difference this company can make. Over the course of the day, the company develops its knowledge and expertise, which allows it to respond even more effectively to the problems of today and tomorrow.

How to buy on Manomano: 5 easy steps to follow

  • First, select the products using the “Search for products and brands” search bar at the top of our site or by using the “Products” search menu at the top left of our site.
  • When you are on the product page, click on the “Add to Cart” button on the right. You can add more products by doing a new search or increase the quantity of the same product in the basket by clicking on the “+” button. above “Add to basket”.
  • Once your basket is finished, click on it (top right) and then on “Confirm basket”.
  • The next step is to create a customer account if you are a new customer or to log in to your account if you are already a ManoMano customer.Tools and equipments for DIY : drills, hammer, screws from popular brand
  • If you are a new customer, enter your contact information and click on the “register” button. The chosen password will allow you to log into your customer account. If necessary, you can enter an invoicing address that is different from the delivery address.
  • Once your address has been confirmed, you will be redirected to the summary page of your order with your product(s), delivery times, the carrier in charge of your package and delivery charges. Depending on the products selected, you can choose the delivery method that suits you. Then simply click on “Continue to payment” at the bottom of the page.
  • Once on the payment page, you can check your order again: different possible merchants, amount, delivery addresses and billing. You must now choose the payment method, by credit card / debit or bank transfer. Then enter your payment information if you are paying by card and finally confirm the order. For some products, there are payment facilities such as 3 times interest-free payment. These options will also be available at this stage.
  • Once the payment of the order has been recorded, you will be redirected to the order confirmation page. If you pay by credit or debit card, you will receive a confirmation email within the hour. If you pay by bank transfer, you will receive an email with ManoMano’s bank details and your transaction number so that you can make the payment.

Reviews Manomano: what’s consumers think about this DIY marketplace?

Before buying on an online website : it’s relevant to check the consumer reviews from sites like Trustpilot. Those sites collect the testimonials from users after buying on the marketplace.

After reviewing those testimonials, we found that the ranking is “great”. When we look more into the bad reviews many of them mention the late deliveries, some mistakes during the orders. Whenever there are an issue on the orders, the main advice we could give you is to get in touch with the customer service.

Manomano reviews : testimonials from forums and Trustpilot

The overall about the feedback that customers give about Manomano are that this site provide great products, efficient customer service and fast shipping to UK. If you are looking for a reliable marketplace that offers a wild range of products about DIY, gardening tools and home improvement, Manomano is a great option you should explore. If you want to find an alternative to Amazon with a larger category of products and support a french start-up (currently very well present in UK), Manomano provide daily deals and current offers that may interest you.

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